Personal Trainer Mayfair – get the professional support your need!

I live in the Mayfair area of London and I was looking to do some training to help me loss a bit of weight before my holidays. I knew I needed to tone up as well as loss the pounds but wasn’t sure how to go about organising myself and setting my own exercise programme. So I did and internet search for personal trainer mayfair and was surprised to find how many there were who boasted of helping their clients get in trim. I eventually settled on a male trainer as after doing some research and asking around he seemed to have some good review. (If you’d like to know who he is just contact me on the contact page of this website.)

The programmes he had developed for weight loss were suitable for both men and women with a few little tweaks to match your needs. He told me that if I was committed to losing the weight and getting fit then he could help me and would even guarantee that I would lose the weight. Impressive I thought, but he doesn’t know me! But he told me he was confident that his programme would do the trick and I would see cracking results in a matter of weeks.

Personal Trainer Mayfair – not just fitness but diet too!

The programme I was introduced to didn’t need me to sit working out the calories of everything that passed my lips which was great. I found that it was mainly a healthy eating strategy which meant that I didn’t get those hunger pangs that other diets bring with them. The diet was based on a tailored nutrition plan which matched my goals and body needs. I can honestly say I was educated in what to eat and what would give me the best results in weight loss and also the best results in performance.

personal trainer mayfair

So you ask me what was the outcome. Well 4 months down the line I have lost 2 stone in weight which is fantastic in itself. But the best part of it is not that I can now get into my slim fit jeans but that I have more confidence and am enjoying the exercise and healthier eating. Moreover I seem to have more energy every day and I’ve never felt better.

If you are deliberating on getting a personal trainer I would tell you to just go for it. It is by far the best decision I have made this year.